Monday, July 4, 2016

Discipline makes the nation great

On Bombay howrah railway line, koterlia is first passenger stop. Tarpali village is 4 kilometres from railways station. When you enter village, Signboard of high school appears. Maya’s house stands where school boundary ends. A small gate and earthen house inside courtyard greets us along with Maya and her daughter.

MayaBai, is member of Bhavani self help group. The group was formed in 2014 and Maya along with other women of SHG started contributing 100 Rs each per month. The small collective was used to fetch loan from Ravi cooperative federation. The first dose of Rs 40000 lent the group maya opened a small shop at her house. This helps her to earn 300-400 per day. The second credit issued few month back, have been used by other women of SHG for leaf cup-plates making.

Maya ages 45 and is a mother of six. Five daughters Rani, Tijiya, Tiresia, Santoshi and Sarita and one son Santosh. All dourgters have been married except sarita. Son works as building worker, husband as a labour.

What is your husband’s name...? i asked. Shy old lady stretched her hand. “Motilal” was tattooed there. I was made aware of the tradition of not calling husband’s name.

“My husband used to be a potter”- Maya started talking. “But these days who buys pottery and Khappar (mud tiles for roof). We can go for making bricks, but brick furnaces cost too much. All lifetime savings spent marrying daughters, so nothing is left to invest”
Maya went on – “I started this shop which helps to a lot. Son was not interested to study so now goes to construction sites. Sarita also goes for labour work. Multiple earnings have made situation better. We saved some money, so if we get some credit, we would be able to setup brick furnace after monsoon”

Nothing needed to understand her concern to marry yet another girl. I turned to my colleagues Kriti and Manoj, and asked how their repayment performance was. “Very disciplined sir”- Answered Manoj.

I suggested Maya to apply For 70,000 Rs loan before October, when potteries are high in demand due to Deepawali festival. Additional income from festival will add up to investment in brick furnace. Maya liked the idea and her eyes lit with hope.

We inspected her shop and clicked photographs. Bid Farwell to Maya and family, rode on vehicle for back journey. I heard Manoj asking – “Sir, you generally do not commit loans at field, why you did today”.

“It was your answer Manoj” – I laughed.

Manoj Looked perplexed. So I asked vehicle to be stopped, and made them to stand below a signboard for a photograph. That board said- “Discipline makes the nation great”